Take private voice lessons from the masters in Northfield, NJ

Singing is one of the most beautiful forms of expression. Discover the joys of creating music by enrolling in voice lessons. At Be You Arts, budding singers and Broadway performers alike can unlock their full artistic potential by training in speech level singing.

Danielle, our certified MVS voice teacher, teaches a technique that facilitates an easy vocal production, with the larynx remaining at a speech level or resting position throughout the entire range of the voice. The larynx moves neither up nor down excessively to produce the pitches. This allows you to craft your vocal interpretations on emotions and not vocal limitations. With her guidance, you can..

  • Sing effortlessly..no risk of straining...no screaming
  • Master bridges, enabling you to blend your head, mix and chest voice with no breaks
  • Exercise total vocal control
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Captivate any audience with a proper phrasing and delivery of the song

Danielle partners with the Badiene Magaziner Vocal Studio in New York City to provide exclusive opportunities to her students.

Take advantage of these opportunities by scheduling your voice lessons in Northfield, NJ today.

Great singers are taught, not born

Private voice lessons are the key to mastering the art of singing. Children and adults can benefit from private training to learn:

  • Resonance
  • Pitches and scales
  • All genres of music
  • Optimal vocal control
  • Proper breathing and pronunciation

You'll receive individualized attention at Be You Arts in Northfield, NJ. Our private voice lessons are guaranteed to improve your understanding of your vocal range.

Visit voice-teacher.net now to learn more about our vocal instruction technique.

Our Students are always striving. Check out this video of our students working hard at the recording studio!

As a BeYou-ti-ful Arts student, it is our goal to constantly create opportunities for you to perform.

One of our most recent productions written & directed by Ms. Danielle was performed by a fellow teacher and both of their students. This show allowed students who have never been on stage before, not only have an opportunity to perform at an off Broadway level, but also see that theatre and music can make a difference. In this case, with social awareness for the deaf community.