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Why Choose #BeYou


Danielle teaches a technique called Speech Level Singing. This method she acquired after years of training and currently working in conjunction with Badiene Magaziner.

This method focuses on vocal production, where the larynx remains at a resting position throughout the entire range of the voice. This positioning allows for the student to master the proper understanding of the bridges ( the parts in the voice that are more difficult to produce) and the mix, head, and chest voice.


- Be able to sing all genres of music.  Training this way will not limit your sound.

-Sing with flexibility, control and proper resonance.

-Have a range that is connected, with no breaks in your voice as you travel up and down the scale.

-Find your own sound and do it without hurting or pushing your voice.

Be You

Every voice is different and needs to be trained in a way that will benefit the uniqueness of that voice.  Danielle will tailor the training needed for each individual student.  Students will be challenged to test their abilities thus empowering their abilities.

Falling From the Silence

As a BeYou-ti-ful Arts student, it is our goal to constantly create opportunities for you to perform.  One of our most recent productions written & directed by Ms. Danielle was performed by a fellow teacher and both of their students.  This show allowed students who have never been on stage before, not only have an opportunity to perform at an off Broadway level, but also see that theatre and music can make a difference.  In this case, with social awareness for the deaf community,