Preparing for auditions starts before the audition! In this series, we train performers to have all the tools they need before they walk into the audition room! So many kids take dance class, but are they really equipped to successfully nail a dance audition for a Musical Theatre program?So many have auditioned many times only to not get the part they wanted. Some claim favoritisms, some due to appearance, but are they really delivering when they walk into that audition room? If they left the area, they are known in would they know how to make themselves stand out? Can they get accepted into that top performance school?Can they audition for a professional company?At BeYou Arts, we believe when preparation meets opportunity, this is the key to success.

Audition Prep Series Tap

Learn a new tap routine every week, allowing you to recall and recognizes the steps and names that would be thrown at you during an audition. No recital & no extra costs! Just show up and learn!